Preface by the author:


This journey of enquiry began with an attempt to bridge the apparent gaps of understanding between science and spirit. I had always sensed a polarity between the two, and even an agreed truce between metaphysicians on one side and scientific sceptics. Both parties presented their sides well, and both sides could be equally well disproven by the other.


Sometimes debates became bogged down in definitions of God. Othertimes, standards of data presentation and word choice could seemed to never reach a clear consensus. After many years of reasearching the topic, coming from a background in contempoary sciences myself, I could see much stifled protential for synergistic work between the so called 'scientists' and the so called 'newagers'. One particular paradigm was that the more specialized one became in a certain field, the more narrows one's viewpoint often became. This was not so much due to knowledge, rather lmitations in range of terminology, context and interference of the ego in self defensive response to paradoxical conclusions..


Pressed on for some years, believing quite strongly that we were all studying in the same universe, studying the same phenomena in the same classroom, the same alboratory, from different perspectives with different application in mind, I finally found my own paradigm shift to form my research.


I had been endeavouring to link two fields together to allow for sharing of knowledge: a bridge between sciences and metaphysics. I came to realize that building a bridge between these two seemingly different styles of enquiries was no longer an issue of linking the science worlds with the metaphysical worlds, but that whole idea of 'a bridge' being what got me this far, and the illusion that was required to reach a greater understanding.


The two areas not seperated, therefore the concept of bridge building became a redundant pursuit. Not only were the two areas of enquiry connected, they overlapped in an increasingly interesting way. Finally, it became clear to me that metaphysical sciences encompassed all enquiries on mankind, including the unkown and voids of unawareness. Science is a hot spot field of activity in the more recent chapters of mankind. I came to realize that science is a field of enquiry within the spiritual realms, within the mind of God.  Even areas of scientific enquiry geared toward aethiestic thought systems are intentional, relevent and purposeful creations of human enquiry.


At this point in my research, and taking time out after finding the bridging science and spirit to illusive,  a new understanding dawned, shedding light of the nature of my enquiry.  There is a central concept common to many fields of man's enquiries of understanding himself and the universe he finds himself in, and the meaning of his own existence. This one common base concept is energy.


The way energy is studied may vary, the way energy is experienced may vary, the same energy systems may be known by different names, but all enquiry endeavours to study the behaviour of energy.




The organisation, dynamics, patterning and textures of energy are the basis for the terms of vibration and resonance in metaphysics. 


There are eight spectral energy systems, all human interpretations of segments of one larger universal spectrum. 


  1. The electromagnetic energy spectrum.
  2. A classical mechanical spectrum.
  3. An inductive mechanical system.
  4. A force spectra including celestial forces such gravity.
  5. A biological behavioural and psychological spectrum.
  6. An emotional energy spectrum.
  7. A dense matter mechanical spectrum.
  8. A maleable free will and pattern spectrum.